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Evan, Andrew, Michael, and Sarah. 


Making songs out of things that were previously not songs.

“The Gregory Brothers have contributed something very important to American culture.” - Rachel Maddow


“Absolutely fantastic!” - Glenn Beck


“The Gregory Brothers are unlikely salvagers of our modern digital wasteland.” - The Village Voice


“The Gregory Brothers have invented a completely new art form that is perfectly suited to our meme-crazed times, and - most difficult to replicate - is incredibly well made Their skills are obvious and their ears perceptive, as evidenced by the way in which they mimic pop music tropes to perfection.” - Wired



The Gregory Brothers are the creators of the wildly viral YouTube sensations Auto-Tune the News, Songify the News, and Songify This!  It all began with the meager hope that several dozen people would bump their rumps to the news if it thumped with a bass line a beat…but ten years later, their uniquely catchy remixes have over 1 Billion views on YouTube.


Evan, Andrew, and Michael first became brothers in Radford, Virginia, after they were born to the same two parents. A short twenty five years later, they rounded out their quartet in Brooklyn, New York when they began playing music with fellow songwriter & singer Sarah. Sarah later married Evan to become Andrew and Michael’s sister-in-law, thus making the name “The Gregory Brothers” make complete and utter sense, because she has more Gregory brother-in-laws in the group than husbands, so please stop asking The Gregory Brothers why they are called The Gregory Brothers. 


After touring together as a rock ’n’ soul band in 2007 and 2008, they were astonished when one of Michael’s YouTube videos received several thousand views on YouTube. Joining forces in their tiny Brooklyn apartment, with a green sheet tacked to the dining room wall, The Gregory Brothers hunched around a microphone and a few computers and began to make the comedy remixes that have been seen by millions.


Since that fateful day, they have been nominated for an Emmy, won 3 Webby Awards, 2 Streamy Awards, and produced the first YouTube video to ever chart on The Billboard Hot 100 - Bed Intruder Song. They continue to live in Brooklyn, where they crank out songs, music videos, and a variety of bizarre filmic productions from the industrial warehouse they now call their office.


They are proud to have collaborated with a number of their favorite artists, including T-Pain, Weezer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Blondie, and Weird Al Yankovic. They have also produced pieces for The Academy Awards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The New York Times, and a number of advertisements, television shows, and feature films. 

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